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Serving Humanity for 30+ Years World Wide.

Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shatra, Spiritual Healing, Yog & Meditation


Best Political Astrologer in Delhi, India

Ashok Foundation provides political astrological prediction services. Political astrology is a term which can be defined as the art or science to predict and forecasting the most important events happening in the field of politics.


Financial Astrology in Delhi, India

Do you really want to know which companies’ shares would go up and which go down? Here at Ashok Foundation we provide you stock market astrology services where we would predict for you about the particular stocks.


Love Astrology Services in Delhi, India

In order to get your dream life partner, Ashok Foundation provides the services of Love astrology. Our services will provide you all the solutions that are related to your love and relationship.


Education Astrology Services in Delhi, India

Education is one of the key factors for a person to achieve growth and success in life. Ashok Foundation is effective in providing you the right education path. Our education astrology services enable you to choose preferable educational path that would lead to a successful career.


Marriage Astrology Services in Delhi, India

You might feel hesitating about your marriage regarding whether the boy or girl you are marrying is 100% suitable for you or not? Ashok Foundation helps you to make the right decision to choose your life partner. We provide reliable and effective marriage astrology services.


Corporate Astrology Services in Delhi, India

In order to provide you prosperous & successful career, Ashok Foundation is there in providing trustworthy and effective services in the field of Career Astrology. We guide you to choose the right career option. The remedial solution provided by Ashok Foundation will eliminate all kinds of sorrows in the field of career field.


Serving Humanity for 30+ Years World Wide.

Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shatra, Spiritual Healing, Yog & Meditation

More About Ashok Acharya

Since 1990, Ashok Acharya, a very famous and renowned name in Indian- originated great science Astrology, is known for his accurate predictions and researches in Astrology. Ashok Acharya predicts relevant and practically applicable predictions according to changing scenario, having deep inter-disciplined knowledge of various Humanities subjects with scientific approach, Ashok Acharya is blessed with a large amount of clairvoyance, intuitiveness and spiritual virtues.

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